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Prof. (Dr.) Meenu Sahni is working in the capacity of a Director since 16th January 2014 with the Bhagwati Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad (AKTU Code – 414, CCS Code – 699, BTE Code 606). She joined the institute since its inception in 2008 as Assistant Professor and has since held many positions before rising to the post of Director. She has an academic and administrative expertise, experience and exposure of over 16 years in AKTU based Management and Engineering Colleges.

She holds academic qualifications of Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics (Hon)from Delhi University. She also has acquired professional qualifications in:CIC from IGNOU, E-commerce and web programming from NIIT, a PGDCA, ADC and MCA from IGNOU. Her wide array of academic qualifications also extends into holding a prestigious Doctorate (PhD) in Computer Science; the topic being “An Analysis on Covert Channel Steganography” from Mewar University.

She has 7 years of Research experience and 12 papers published in International Journals along with having conducted and attended National Seminars, Conferences and workshops. She has been the former member of the ‘Actuaries of India’ and presently a member of SDIWC.

She believes in leading with an example of a strategic focus on studies and discipline and on a wholesome, holistic and industry synced growth of the college and its alumni. She has over the years imbibed and executed the values of teamwork and a commitment effort towards collective growth;focus on how to win with an intelligent and consistent hard work; function with the importance of having a long-term vision and concentrate on accomplishing the goals; and balance the time and priorities continuum.

She has additional experience adding to her repertoire as an academician in the field of teaching and managerial skills of negotiation and admissions; thereby reinforcing her valuable expertise to the betterment of theCollege.As a person she muses over new ways to learn and grow, enjoys reading and handles the pressures of work adeptly along with her personal goals.

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