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Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

3 year full-time course
Affiliated to CCS University, Meerut

The managerial activities at small enterprises are a responsibility of owners while in multinational companies and large scale organisations, managerial responsibility is given to a hierarchy of skilled and certified professionals. The most valuable employees are those who  not only have a sound knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of a business, but also who are quick learners and team players with leadership skills and a learning potential. Business activities are multifaceted and thus require professionally qualified experts, which they are trained for through the degree of business administration.

Academics & Career

This Bachelors programme is designed around a set of modules that covers fundamental business functions, strategic management and organisational skills and analysis. These modules also help the student achieve knowledge and yet an awareness of the business managerial world. Thereby developing leadership potential and understanding the theory and practices of Indian-International businesses.

FEES : 35000/Year