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Subscription is for more than 16 journals and magazines both Indian and foreign and also 5 newspapers. The library also has multiple copies of much sought after books and current and earlier issues of important journals and magazines. Recently the library has also joined Nalanda E-Consortium of E-Books and E-Journal services giving access to over 4,947 e-Journals and 10,407 e-Books.

The College provides the book bank facility, through which each student gets requisite books for all subjects according to academic requirements for each semester. This facility is additional to the entitlement of books issued on a library card.

We have well-developed library with 2056 books including 1000 titles

Following data shows the expanse of the college library

Total Number of Books

Number of National Journals

Number of Magazines
Number of Online Journals & Magazines
Number of Newspapers

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

OPAC helps the user to retrieve the reading material either by the author, title, subject, classified number and publisher. The OPAC also provides information about the status of the books available in the Library.

Encyclopaedia Britannica:

Encyclopaedia Britannica is installed in a separate user terminal for student’s reference, to enrich their reading information and provide additional information.


DELNET has been established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among libraries through the development of a network of Libraries. DELNET at present has 1009 Libraries as College members of which 167 Libraries are in Delhi, 828 outside Delhi in 30 States and Union territories and 14 in overseas countries.

All our libraries are a member of DELNET. Users can access databases hosted by DELNET.